Hydraulic cutting machine
Shanghai Foson Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the design, production, marketing and service of cutting (die cutting) machine and equipment related, as well as professional manufacture of all kinds of mechanical series of OEM, ODM. The company has two R&D bastions including cutting machine R&D division and CNC cutting machine R&D division. The company also has two production plants. Company Profile
Shanghai Foson Machinery is famous in the industry for producing high precision, large-tonnage and special specification cutting machine. The company focuses on the following products:
Die cutting machine
FS-YA200/300/500型電腦控制大噸位雙邊自動送料油壓裁斷機(200TONS-500TONS) FS-CNCC-400/600/1000電腦控制卷狀材料連續作業精密油壓裁斷機
FS-SDCM-400J/400JB/600JB型電腦控制卷狀送料精密型油壓半(全)裁斷模切機 FS-SDCM-400/400B/600B第三代全自動數控下檔死調節半(全)裁斷模切機
Cutting machine
   250T Duplex Auto Feeding Precision Hydraulic Die-cutting Machine (Audi)
   150T Duplex Auto Feeding Precision Hydraulic Die-cutting Machine (Japanese Auto Sound-proof Parts)
   80T Bilateral Auto Feeding Precision Hydraulic Die-cutting Machine (HuaAn Car)
   Video of 40T Foson Unilateral Auto Feeding Die-cutting Machine (Membrane Switches)
   Video III of Foson Progressive Die-cutting Machine for Sheet Materials (Foam Material)
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Road Putuo District Shanghai,China.
Sales phone: 86-21--62139313
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