Hotline support: Shanghai Fu Sang Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide year-round after-sales service, you can visit our website, call the hotline, fax, etc. to contact us at any time, and we will promptly make arrangements for professional technical staff to provide you the most efficient technical support.

Professional engineers on-site commissioning: a user-volt Sang mechanical products not only have access to phone support, more importantly, access to professional and technical personnel volt Sang-site services and products hands-on training in order to ensure proper installation and products in place of the most quickly the most efficient operation.

Efficient CRM customer management system: customer information and all inquiries will be uniform for each time entry, the establishment is stored in the V Sang CRM customer management system, including sales, technical, maintenance, complaints, etc. feedback, once we accept, based on the Analysis of these data to establish various types of feedback, V Sang's sales and engineers by phone, fax, e-mail, home visits, etc. efficient and effective answer to various questions.

The Company is responsible for customer premises equipment prior to their arrival in advance notice to the customer side have to do the electrical, materials, tools, related equipment matching, factory space and the environment preparation.
The Company is responsible to promptly notify the arrival of client-side and client side to receive the documentation to be prepared goods, unloading heavy equipment in place. (By the client side is responsible for the fundamental place of the purchased equipment, work)
The company's commitment to client-side factory equipment have arrived in two days of receiving notice that the client-side and arrange for technicians to go client-side installation and testing of plant. The company's installation (including training) Time: 1 - 7 days (based on the complexity of the device may be)
The Company is responsible for equipment installation, equipment commissioning and trial production equipment, to ensure the normal trouble-free equipment, (pre-production of raw materials need to be approved by both the specified material)
The Company is responsible for customer-designated staff of the training to ensure that client-side personnel skilled operation of equipment, be able to properly set up the machine status and conduct routine maintenance, training, Phase 1 - 4 days. (Client side need to ensure that designated staff with their basic skills to operate the equipment and production of knowledge)

The successful completion of trial production, and operator training is completed, the two sides signed written acceptance.

Equipment installation is getting better, the customer side who encounter technical problems or equipment failures can be directly by fax, telephone or E-MAIL to explain the situation, but also in the corporate networks for the industry's help, the company's commitment to the receipt of client-side consultation and request a response in the first time as soon as possible to resolve, in the case do need our technical personnel to the scene to solve the problem, and no need to prepare parts of the situation, the company's commitment to both sides confirmed within 24 hours after the arrival of customers Fang factory, to ensure the timely production of the required client-side.
Since the equipment, the date of acceptance, the Company to the customer service provided by one-year warranty, warranty period, the device itself the natural damage and failure (except electrical parts) is responsible for inspection by the replacement of electrical components to recover costs from fee (waived service fee). As the client-side non-normal operation causes the damage, the repair company should also be replaced as soon as possible, costs borne by the client side. After the equipment required to repair the warranty period, the Company under the specific circumstances of fees charged for parts and service charges. (Client side need to ensure that equipment required for a stable supply voltage: 380V °ņ 8%; gas source required a clean and stable. Shop environment for all devices work properly)
Affirms that: without the consent of the Company, the customer side of the Company shall not be leaked to third parties, may not have or result in imitation behavior. The Company is entitled to violate the terms of client-side damage claims to the customer side.


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