FS-MF mask production line


1Equipment application

Automatic production of multilayer flat ear mask.

2Equipment advantages:

a. Automatic operation, assembly line production, automatic folding, loading bridge bone, automatic ultrasonic welding edge.

b. One drag two ear belt welding, high production capacity.

c. Automatic cutting ear band, ultrasonic welding.

d. Automatic stacking of discharging materials, pipeline output, large number of buffers.

2 Equipment process flow:

The coil cloth is put out and transported by the roller. The multi-layer cloth is folded and closed by the roller mechanism. The coil material is put out by the nose strip

After long cutting, it is wrapped by transmission, welded and edge sealed by ultrasonic wave, and cut in sections to form a single mask; one output end and two branches, two channels

It is respectively transmitted to the ear belt welding machine, and the ear belt is automatically welded by the ultrasonic welding machine, and the output end is automatically stacked (according to the set quantity

Stack 1-30 PCs).

Main technical parameters:

technical parameter

Takt Time

90-1 10pcs/min

Daily capacity

About 120000

Equipment failure rate


Suitable for textile width

First floor 188mm, second floor 175mm, third floor 171mm

Suitable for coil fabric specification

Maximum outer diameter: 600mm, 3-inch core roll ( 76.2 5mm)

Suitable for rolled Bridge

Maximum outer diameter: 450mm, core roll 100mm

Electronic control system


Panasonic / Xinjie / Huichuan / Taida

servo motor

Delta / Xinjie / Huichuan / beigeda

Grid stability

EMI Power Filter

Power protection

Leakage circuit breaker

Power supply

Mingwei / shuorei / Xinwang

Ultrasonic welding machine

Generator + transducer + welding die

Pneumatic system



Pressure regulation


Solenoid valve


Air filter


drive system

Guide slide



national standard/NSK/Up and down

Gear motor

Dongma / Taibang / Mingpai / Beiji / national standard

Equipment specifications

Boundary dimension

About 6500mm (L) 3500m (W) 1950mm (H)

Full line movement

Floor roller movement

Weight of the whole line

About 1500kg

Field and pool facilities

Power supply

Machine power supply AC220V 10% / 5Hz / less than 10kw

Environmental requirements

No flammable, explosive or corrosive gas 25 5 : 40-85% RH

Air supply

0.5 ~ 0.7mna, dry gas source

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